Monday, December 3, 2007

Gulf Shores Again (Old Chromes #6)

Sunrise in Gulf Shores, Alabama, 1983.

The second photo is one of those that is technically horrible, hand-held in low light and therefore blurry, but it has the color and movement of the water that I remember so well.

Someone else can look at that second one and thing it stinks. Maybe so, but I was there that beautiful morning and it catches the feel of the warm sea air and how it felt for Lovely Fiance and I to be the only ones on the beach that morning.


Kerri said...

Some moments are magical...who cares if the pic is a bit's the clear memory that you have of that morning that counts!
Wonderful shots as usual!!!!

K M F said...

hi jim
nice shots

'Through JoAnn's Digital Eyes'NL/Eng. said...

Hi NO john!
Not that I am flattering you, but the second photo is THAT moment you SHOULD take! Yes! I completely got 'the picture' of that moment, I have that sometimes too, not a good moment but a great photo though, so that is what this is great! ( not the blurry thing is of any importance to me)

Thanks for your comments (before)last week, I am still showing a new typical 'serie of Paris' .Please come and see, have a good week ,


Gudl said...

Very romantic!

imac said...

Nope, I felt the movement of the sea and the essence of the night. both great shots.

3 Gs post now up

photowannabe said...

The magic of memories john. Terrific shots.

CG said...

As long as the memories are clear and wonderful nothing else matters. However I think these are beautiful anyway!

Daniel J Santos said...

wonderful images, this is the type of images that I love.