Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Fungus is Among Us

This stuff looks to be some sort of fungus or another, growing on a fallen palm tree in a local park. Looks like some nice, dark green moss on there too.

I've spent many hours trying to identify the plants I have photographed and put on here so that I can inform y'all of what they are. I fail dismally most of the time, so I'm giving up.

From now on, I'll try to look up plants for a few minutes but if I cannot identify them quickly, then I'll just post them anyway and say I don't know.


photowannabe said...

Yes I do believe there is a fungus among us. That is the extent of my knowledge....
Good picture anyway.

imac said...

Hey John, great stuff and it looks just like the fungus I posted some while ago on my blog, it was on a tree stump to.

The story continues in my blog.

Kerri said...

I had some like this posted at one point, and someone commented that it might be "bracket fungus". I don't know for sure but this looks something like it.