Sunday, December 16, 2007

For Jeanine

OK folks, I know I'm pathetic. I haven't been posting or visiting much lately. Sorry about that, but although there's nothing in particular that's wrong, personal issues have kept me from being the quick posting, happily commenting blogger that I was in times past.

I just hope the blues go away soon, and I thank all of you for your visits and comments.

Jeanine left a comment on one of my older posts today where I had shown and talked about a train bridge in my old home town of Monroe, Louisiana.

I looked for others that I had thought I put on Least Significant Bits or on this blog in the past to point them out to her.

I think they are out there somewhere, but I couldn't find them so I'm re-posting them both.

Forgive me if you've seen and remember these, but Jeanine, here's my two all-time favorites of the many photos I've taken of that train bridge over the Ouachita River.

These were both taken at about 3am, after working at the Johnny's on McKeen Place in Monroe, and couldn't get to sleep. (I still have insomnia a lot, even all these years later. It's just harder to deal with at 45 than it was at 20).

Actually Jeanine, as I look at these two photos, I think the top one is the old DeSiard Street bridge that swiveled in the middle. These are two different bridges. (bonus!)

I have posted photos on my other blog today if y'all want to go over and see them.


Daniel J Santos said...

beautiful night photos.

imac said...

Sorry to hear about your blues, do hope they go away soon and you back to your normal self John.

Love the shots, they are really great and sharpe.

CG said...

Lovely photos as always. We all get the blues from time to time; it's horrible when they hit. I'm hoping they pass soon! {{HUGS}}

John Roberts said...

Ah, Johnny's Pizza! One of my all-time favorite pizza places. Home of the "Sweep The Kitchen" if I remember right. They had a unique way of slicing a pizza too.

Becki said...

amazing night photos very relaxing to look at.