Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sea Oats

Howdy folks. I know that I've been slacking this week on visiting and commenting. I hope to catch up with everybody's posts sometime this weekend. My back issues are limiting the time I can stand to sit at the computer and I've fallen behind. Way behind.

Hope to be visiting everybody sometime in the next couple of days.


Chad Oneil said...

Nice beach images.

Come on over :)

photowannabe said...

The fence against the sand and the weathery sky makes a great shot. There is something very peacefu and refreshing about it.
Hope your back gives you some relief soon.

Ben said...

I like first one.

Take care yourself. Do not overtime in front of PC and stop worrying about commenting.

Anna said...

I cant wait to see some sea oats on the beach on NC when I go visit. :) Nice shots John!

kmm said...

Lovely shots jam