Tuesday, July 24, 2007

High Rent District

This house has always amazed me.

It's out on the barrier island we call beachside here, but the rear of the property is actually on the Indian River Lagoon.

Not everyone with the money to chooses to live on the Atlantic Ocean. There are just as many hideously expensive houses on the calm lagoon. Another bonus is that if your house is on the lagoon like this one, you have a killer sunset over the water about 300 some-odd days a year. You have to get up early to watch the sunrise on the Atlantic.

Sunsets in the laid back evenings are more my style anyway.

Lovely Wife was driving, and I was riding shotgun. The building in the back is actually the home. The structure that looks like a home in the left of the photo is actually only the gate house to the "real" house in the rear.

The second photo is where we passed directly in front of their driveway and all you can see is the gate house, and a peek at the main house's front door through the gate area of the gate house.

Some spread, huh?


photowannabe said...

Amazing. I think I could manage to live in the gate house.... I would hate to have to maintain it. Looks like a full time job. Of course killer sunsets would help.

Hammer said...

I'd have to have a housekeeper.

Still, it's a nice looking house.