Friday, August 24, 2012

Shepherd FM1000 Electronic Flash Meter Instructions (update 3/29/16)

Do you have a  Shepherd FM1000 Electronic Flash Meter, but do NOT have the instructions?

I'll email you a copy of the instructions that I wrote for this meter.  [As of March 29, 2016, I still get requests for these instructions about twice per week, so I'm still sending them to folks.  My email is below, feel free to ask and I'll send it along to you.]

I bought a Shepherd FM1000 Flash Meter  from eBay a while back.(it also meters ambient light)

My reasoning was that I could use it for both my occasional flash/studio setup type photography and also use it as an ambient meter with my old Kodak and Zorki cameras which have no built-in meter.  This older meter didn't cost me much; very much in line with how frequently I use it.

No one that I can find has placed the instructions for this 1980s era meter on the internet.

I can find a copy machine copy of the Shepherd FM1000 Flash Meter instruction manual, but I refuse to pay $13 for a photocopy of it, I paid a couple of dollars more than that for the friggin' meter!

Using the FM1000 meter for both flash and ambient light work is not rocket surgery, so I just wrote my own instructions.  I used the instruction manual for the somewhat different Shepherd XE-88 Flash Meter as a basis for terminology of the parts and to get my instructions to have a similar feel to a Shepherd manual.

I'm just writing this post in case someone in the future searches for a copy of the Shepherd FM1000 Electronic Flash Meter Instruction Manual.  Hopefully search engines will list this post as a link and they'll see this.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
The site now has a .pdf copy of the ACTUAL Shepherd FM1000 meter manual linked on their site!  They are asking for a super-reasonable $3.00US if you decide to download it.  This official Shepherd FM1000 manual is in English, French, German, and Spanish.
Here's a link to the Butkus site's page for the Shepherd FM1000 meter.  This page has a donation link for you to give to them for their kindness in finding and scanning the manual, as well as a link, near the bottom of the page, for the .pdf of the manual.

If you still want a copy of my incredibly verbose version, just email me as in the next paragraphs and I'll send my manual along to you as soon as I see your email.

Note about the actual manual;  I FREAKIN' KNEW THERE WAS A BATTERY CHECK FEATURE.  I'll have to update my version to include this for completeness, and to assuage my OCD in these matters.

I have the Shepherd FM1000 Flash Meter instructions in both Microsoft Word (.doc) and .pdf versions and if you need them, email me at mastersja at and I'll email back to you whichever version you prefer. (That email address is current as of 3/29/2016)  (Version 4 of the instructions is available as of Monday, May 5, 2014. Email me for an updated copy if you have an older version of the instructions, see the version number in the file name.)

If you receive a set of instructions from me, please read them carefully and let me know if you find mistakes that I need to correct. (I DID go to Louisiana public schools, so there are probably some mistakes and I'd appreciate your help finding them so that I could correct the document.)


rahul said...

Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you.

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Kate said...

Shalom! Today is the International Day of Peace (9/21/12) May you and all countries know and enjoy peace.

May you have a peaceful week-end!

Kirk Strauchler said...

Thanks so much for taking the time and doing this! I saw no blatant errors, so Louisiana must not be too bad. :) There are even pictures!

Juan Jose said...

Esta disponible aun el manual del sheperd fm 1000 en word o pdf ? Actualiza la direccion mail o publicalo acá en este blog

Michał said...

I found this one:

JAM said...

Thanks Michal, but those are my instructions. It appears that someone I have sent them to posted them on the interwebs.

comidas,vinhos e conversa said...

HI I just Buy an used one at BH NY and I need the instruction, Please can you send to me the manual,
Thanks a lot.
Edison Silva, Bazil

Tony Gomm said...

Hi, can you send me this please?

Regards, Tony

Paul Hastie said...

Hi could you email this to me my dad left me lots of his camera gear and this meter was part of it but no manual
Regards Paul email

hombre said...

First of all thanks for your work and for sharing it...
I want to advertise you that in you can find a pdf with the original instructions for the SHEPHERD FM1000, in english, french, german and spanish...

Ante todo gracias por tu trabajo y por compartirlo.
Me gustaria advertirte de que en puedes encontrar un pdf con las instrucciones
originales para el SHEPHERD FM1000, en inglés, francés, alemán y español....

Thanks again...

JAM said...

Thanks so much for letting me know that the Butkus site now has the original manual linked-up.
It has been a couple of years since I made my own manual, and back then, I could find it nowhere, including their site.
I'm glad they have the real one out there for folks to see.
Hopefully they'll donate when downloading it.

The Butkus' site is asking for a $3.00US donation for this multi-lingual copy of the actual Shepherd FM1000 manual.