Monday, August 6, 2012

Rykman Park Sunset, Orton Treatment

Nikon D90, Nikkor 10-24mm lens @ 10mm (15mm in 35mm equiv.), f/22, 1/30sec, ISO 800
Looking west across the Indian River Lagoon (Inter-coastal Waterway).

This was a sunset after it had rained most of the day.  Did a digital version of the Orton process to this one.

My Big Sis was visiting from Louisiana, and her first day here it rained most of the day.

We went out in the afternoon after the rain stopped, though it was still overcast.  We could see that the sky was clearing a little over the Atlantic, so we went over there to see if it would clear up more.

We took her to our favorite sunset watching spot, Rykman Park in Melbourne Beach.  The western sky cleared as the day ended and we witnessed one of the most colorful sunsets I've ever seen in sixteen years living in Florida.


Kate said...

The colors are pretty spectacular.

Kelly Burris said...

Just Beautiful!!!!