Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Black and White #28: Sea Grapes

I had never seen sea grapes until we moved to this part of Florida.

Sea grapes are a great buffer plant to have on the dunes of a beach. The wind shapes the whole tangled mess into a big swooping profile when seen from the side of the whole plant.

They protect the sand from being blown away by the daily efforts of the wind, and especially are beneficial when hurricanes come through.

Besides this, they are neat looking and have big round waxy leaves that I like.

This particular photo is of a batch of sea grape plants along the beach in Indialantic, Florida. But there is also a boardwalk there too, so the sea grapes are cut back from taking over the boardwalk, and interrupting your stroll along the beach.

I liked the way the sun shone on these trimmed sections of sea grapes, showing the interesting shapes of the limbs.

Here are some other views of sea grapes I have posted, here, and here.

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imac said...

Hi John, Interesting post.