Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunset From Key Biscayne

In March of 1984 (24 years ago!!!) Lovely Wife and I came with her parents to South Florida from Louisiana. We were actually just engaged then (hence a trip with her parents for propriety) and were married a few months later in August.

Anyway, we watched, what was one of the most marvelous sunsets of my entire life one evening from the southern tip of Key Biscayne off the coast of Miami, Fla.

In 1996, when we moved to Palm Bay, where we now live, we made a trip to Key Biscayne and were totally dismayed to find that the whole southern tip of the island was scrubbed bare by hurricane Andrew years ago.

It is a totally beautiful place still, but the trees and things that were there then were all blown away, and the whole park was replanted in a completely different fashion, and only used native Florida plant.

I totally understand why they did that, and I think that's a good thing, but I was broken hearted, having built up in my mind that Lovely Wife and I would look and find the place we had watched that magical sunset all those years ago, only to find that the place is gone. The whole park is beautiful, but completely different now.

Oh well. Life moves on and things truly change.

I wrote a two-part blog post on my Least Significant Bits blog HERE and HERE about this ordeal. The posts have several "then and now" photos. You can go see them and just look at the pictures if you want, now that you know the bones of the story.

P.S. I STILL love me some Kodachrome! I love the way Kokachrome slides look.


Moi said...

the first sunset shot.....i have something very similar in my archives from one of the trips to Keys....are keys' sunsets unique....makes me wonder!!! :)

beautiful's the back doing, john??

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Hey John.

Very nice!

imac said...

Great post.
love the 1st shot best - fantastic.

Daniel J Santos said...

great post, very beautiful images, excellent.

Bob-kat said...

That first shot in particular is stunning! How great that you have your memories adn these photos of how it looked on that night that you both watched the sunset, but I can understand your disappointment.