Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pritchard House, Titusville, Ga.

This is the house and yard on the other side of the weedy fence in my previous post's black and white photo.

Just to show how completely ignorant I am of achitectural styles, I though this was a Victorian home.

Well, it ain't.  It's "an outstanding example of the Queen Anne architecture, a distinctly American form that was popular from approximately 1876-1910."

Whatever, it's still a beautiful place and seemed strange to see such a stately old home in Florida.  (i.e. it's not cinder block and it's not painted in Key West pastel blue, green, or yellow colors.)

Note the beautiful landscaping and compare to the other side of the surrounding fence from my previous post.

The Pritchard House was built in 1891.

added later, (Technical note:  I've been learning to correct distortion in photos, and adjusted this one to correct that building-leaning-backwards look from having used a wide angle lens pointed upward.  Now I need to learn to leave a little more space around my main subjects when photographing them to allow for the bit of cropping needed after a perspective correction like this.)
Original leaning-over-backwards look.

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Kate said...

We all have so much to learn about photography and it's so much fun learning it! Great house indeed!