Monday, October 5, 2009

Dreams Die Hard

When we lived in the Atlanta area in the late 1980's/early 90's, I started back to college to earn an engineering degree.

While there, I fell in love with Georgia Tech, right downtown in Atlanta.

I didn't have the stellar academic background to get into Ga. Tech and it had been almost ten years since I'd had any school, so I started back to school, and did very well at Southern Tech in Marietta, northeast of Atlanta and close to where we lived at the time.

My desire was to do well at Southern Tech and then hopefully transfer to Ga. Tech to finish my degree.

But working full time and going to school as much as possible left me facing at least a 7-8 year grind.

I eventually decided to move the family back to Louisiana where I was from, and where both Lovely Wife and I had lots of family for support, and I finished my degree at Louisiana Tech in 1996.

I don't regret for a second the path that I took, and I'm proud to have earned my BSEE from Louisiana Tech, but that dream of going to Ga. Tech is still there inside, and burns strongly.

Whenever they play football on TV my heart races. When we are in Atlanta, a must for me is to go to the campus and walk around a bit, and drive all over the rest of the campus.

Who knows? I might finally get a graduate degree from there some day as a tottering old man.

This is a photo of the "Tech Tower," their oldest and most revered building.

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Ben said...

Dreams never die. You never know. You know that.