Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spanish Moss (plus little known fact)

The pharmacy we use is in a business complex where the builder left all the trees possible when building and laying out the parking areas.

Lots of old oaks all around the area and they all have drooping Spanish moss.

The sun was far enough over the other day to get some interesting light through the trees.

I just happened to have my camera with me.

Little Known Fact: Did you know that Spanish moss is in the pineapple family?

I'm not kidding. See for yourself...

That was one of about four or so tidbits of information I still remember from my college botany class. Use it or lose it, and I've lost most of that botany class. Botany facts just don't come up when working with electronics.


Blue Wave 707 said...

Looks like what they call "Pele's Hair", here in Hawai‘i.

CG said...

this stuff is so eery! I think I prefer a nice pineapple myself.