Saturday, February 14, 2009

Storage Shed

This is a storage shed behind the local Disabled American Veterans building in Melbourne, Florida.

The shed is nothing special, but that late afternoon winter sun is.

The quality of the sunlight is really wintery, but it was about 75 F on Friday evening when I took this photo. Warm with a nice breeze. Darn near perfect.


CG said...

The light really makes this photo special.

Anonymous said...

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Marsha (Big Sis) said...

Love the black & white pics! I gave your email address to a fellow Keith Urban ho friend of mine who has just purchased a new SLR and is taking very good pics. She lives in Wisconsin! Her name is Shirley just in case you hear from her.

Ben said...

nice. Well, I love it really.
Those shed is always fascinates me as each of them comes with different size, shape, colour and most of all own character. I like the lighting of this shot as well.