Friday, September 12, 2008

All In A Row

I took this a few weeks ago at a park in Titusville, Florida. We were walking along the sidewalk and I saw this and liked the look of the trees lined up into the distance, but I didn't notice the reflections on the water until I had the camera to my eye.

Nothin' special, more like a tourist shot actually, but I still like it. Palm trees and water are part of the world down here. Having grown up in Louisiana where they won't live, I'm still enamored of them, and love they way they look.

Sorry I've been remiss in my duties here, but I've been working long hours and weekends. I end up just going to bed early and have been ignoring my blogs.

Take care, folks. I'll be around to visit and comment when I can.

1 comment:

Blue Wave 707 said...

That's a really cool reflection shot (and mixed with depth-of-field?)!