Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hi. I'm Rosie

Mye Daddee hasunt been feelins too awful well much lately.

He sed he don't got no new pikchurs to put on his blog.

I tole hims that he cud puuts one of me on there iffen he wants tu.

Well tu bee totuly honest, I wouldna put THAT pikchur on here but I noe this pikchur makes mye Daddee laff, so that iz okee-dokee. (I hates how my iyes arr squinny and my laygs looks crookid tu init.)

His bak hurtz, and heez been sick some tu and stade home frum werk yestidy blowin hiz noz. But me and the other poodulz like it wen Daddee stayz home cuz we get tu snugle up to him in the big bed or in hiz big chare that layz back reel for wen he reeds or wachuz TV.

I like tu git under the bed coverz with my noze stikkin owt, so I can breeth gud and be warm at thu sayme time.

Mye tu favorut thayngs iz cheeze and being held bye mye Mommuh or mye Daddee.

He givz me a byt of cheez evry mornin when he leevez fer werk.



CG said...

AAAH!! Rosie types very well with her paws. Get well soon!!!

Babystepper said...

Love that little nose peeking out!

photowannabe said...

Awwww...poor daddy doesn't feel too gud....I really am sorry your health is on the fritz. Hope thingsget better soon.
I love the shot of Rosie's little nose.

Moi said...

awww!!!! Rosie tell ur daddy to take care and hopehe feels well soon..we have been missing him around!!!!! :) and you look cute even with squinty eyes!!!! :)

John Roberts said...

Tell your Daddee we hope he feels better soon!

imac said...

Hi Rosie, love your photo, you are soooo cute.
Give Daddee my regards and tell him to get better soon.

1st class post, really enjoyed.

Hammer said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Kerri said...

Oh how Cute! I do hope you are feeling better!!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Great color in that first one.