Saturday, March 31, 2007


I am by no means a great photographer. I have never pretended to be. I see photos on the internet each day that make me want to hang my camera up and stop, but those of you with the photography bug know that this is impossible to do. It's a compulsion. Like breathing.

I've been thinking about starting another blog, one that pretty much just lets me show a photo (or a few photos) each day.

My other blog, Least Significant Bits, has literally hundreds of my photos that I've posted in a little over a year.

But that blog is where I write about my life, old memories, political rants and stuff like that, and I have been wanting a simpler one on which to showcase photos I've taken over the years. That's what this blog will be. Just a photo or two, and maybe some explanation as to where and when the photo(s) was taken, as well as possibly explaining why I took it or why I like it.

Between the two blogs, there will definitely be overlap. Many people like to visit "a photo a day" type blogs, check out the photo, leave a comment, and leave. They don't want to sit and read about someone's life. I will post photos here that were also posted there within the text of that blog's post.

Some folks might end up checking out both blogs, but I'm sure some will look at one or the other. This one is "the other."

So, here it is, the humble beginning of my photography blog. Not sure what path I'll be taking, randomness, themes, or the like. I guess I'll figure that out as I go.

I live in Palm Bay, Florida. It's on the Atlantic coast, about half way between Jacksonville and Miami. About a one hour drive southeast of Orlando. Here's a Google Earth satellite photo of the area.

You can see that Palm Bay is on the mainland, and just south of the better-known city of Melbourne, Florida. Though Palm Bay is now much larger than Melbourne in population.

One advantage of our location is that we are about fifteen minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and some pretty nice beaches. From where I work, I can drive to the beach, eat my lunch, drive back to work, all within my 45 minutes allowed for lunch.

And finally, after all that blather, here are my first two photos. Lovely Wife came and picked me up from work for lunch a couple of weeks ago, and we went to the beach to eat. I had my camera and here's a couple of photos I took that day.


Anonymous said...

i am by no means a great fotographer, either.

you are actually a pretty good fotogrpaher, my friend.

kmm said...

I know how you feel. some of the photos out there are just fantastic, but like you I just love taking them and couldn't stop. So I just take pleasure in looking at the beauty that others manage to capture and challange myself to do better. Your concord pics are great and just think they are unique as no one else has the same shots. Thankyou for the visit and comment on my page